Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let me bungee jump from your hair....

I chose this cartoon because I thought it was really funny. The idea of Rapunzel using her hair to do fun things with the prince instead of just letting him climb up it to get inside of the tower really amused me. I would definitely have to say that this cartoon is very similar to the Disney version “Tangled.” In the movie, Rapunzel does a lot of cool things with her hair. She does things like tie the Prince to a chair and when they escape she swings from trees and things like that. The fact that the prince is bungee jumping from Rapunzel’s hair reminds me of some of the things Rapunzel did in the movie.

Bluebeard, Bluebeard, Bluebeard

The three versions of Bluebeard, although very similar, were also very different as well. They all have a male character that is looking for a wife. In all the tales he has to either bribe or steal the girls in order to get them to marry him. He has a house that has many room all filled with riches, and then a secret room that he forbids his wife from going into. In each of the stories the wife disobeys him and when she enters the room she finds dead bodies and blood. Once finding out that his wife disobeyed him, he tells her that she must die. Each version of the story ends in a different way, but in all of the stories the wife survives by outsmarting her husband or finding a way to receive help. All of the Bluebeard stories show the excessive desire for knowledge by women.  My favorite of all the versions would have to be “Fitcher’s Bird.” This version is my favorite because of the way the wife outsmarts the sorcerer by putting her sisters in the basket along with the gold